Joyce Christine Nakiwala

Joyce is a Ugandan dance artist, entrepreneur, yoga teacher and all around inspiring individual. She joined HaRT in 2020 as our lead facilitator. She is currently pursuing her 500 level yoga and meditation certification. 

Catherine Carlson

Cady is an assistant professor at the University of Alabama. For 10+ years she has conducted research exploring the intersections of violence against women and mental health.  Cady is HaRT's co-director.

Sylvia Namakula

Sylvia has been facilitating in-depth conversations with women and girls about violence and other sensitive issues for 15+ years. Together with Agnes she leads research  activities with HaRT participants.

Sophie Namy

Sophie is a feminist activist and researcher working to prevent violence against women. Her work addresses the systemic factors underlying violence and  other traumas. She is HaRT's founder and co-director.

Agnes Grace Nabachwa

Agnes engages in both research and program activities to support women and children's rights and to prevent violence. Together with Sylvia she leads research activities with HaRT participants.

Kelsey Morgan

Kelsey is the founder and executive director at Willow and a PhD candidate at the University of California, Irvine. She overseas HaRT Yoga implementation in Willow's shelters.

Stephanie Spaid Miedema
Jean Kemitare 
Laura Cordisco Tsai

Jean is a feminist activist and brilliant strategist. She helped create the GBV Prevention Network, invigorating the feminist movement in the Horn, East and Southern Africa. Jean has authored a range of methodologies and articles to strengthen individual and organizational capacity to address violence against women. She is currently the Programmes Director at Urgent Action Fund, Africa and a HaRT board member.

Laura is a social worker and researcher with 15+ years of experience working with survivors of human trafficking. Her work broadly targets the development of more empowering and effective services for survivors. She holds appointments at Harvard University Carr Center for Human Rights Policy, 10ThousandWindows, and Eleison Foundation. She is a trauma-informed yoga teacher and HaRT board member.

Stephanie has 10+ years of experience conducting research on intimate partner violence, child maltreatment and sexual violence across the Asia-Pacific region. Her research focuses on the determinants of abuse and discrimination faced by women, and gender and sexual minorities. She is also a certified yoga instructor leading trauma-informed sessions with homeless youth and female veterans who have experienced military sexual trauma. Stephanie is a HaRT board member.